Jordan Pal | Composer

Affiliate Composer, Toronto Symphony Orchestra

JUNO© Nominated for Classical Composition of the Year (“The Afar”)

JUNO© Nominated for Classical Album of the Year (“Into the Wonder”)

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Featured on CBC’s Q

“La musique du Canadien Jordan Pal, présentée sur l’album Into the Wonder, est l’une des plus belles que j’ai entendues depuis quelques années…on se retrouve dans un univers à la fois chatoyant et chaleureux, frémissant de vie et d’intelligence.” Translated: “The music of Canadian Jordan Pal , featured on the album Into the Wonder , is some of the most beautiful I have heard in recent years…we find ourselves in a world both shimmering and warm, quivering with life and intelligence. – ici musique/CBC Music Quebec review of album ‘Into the Wonder’

“Starling – Triple concerto for violin, cello, piano and orchestra…is a scintillating work in three movements, opening with an orchestral flourish that develops into a 15-minute flight, a “murmuration” with only brief moments of respite, mostly in the form of lyrical cadenzas from the solo trio. It is exhilarating how Pal sustains the momentum throughout. The Largo second movement begins in dark brass timbres that once again give way to gorgeously lyrical passages from the soloists, especially in the cello lines…The finale, Presto – Electric and Wild is simply that, a moto perpetuo once again reminiscent of a thousand starlings soaring and swirling together in the sky…(On the title piece, ‘Into the Wonder’) This is certainly not “new music” in the sense of Carter or Crumb, but it is genuinely attractive, well-crafted and brilliantly executed. – the WholeNote, review of album ‘Into the Wonder’

“One of Canada’s most interesting young composers, Jordan Pal’s first record is an expansive personal awakening…Starling is a thoroughly engaging piece with a wide range of textures and colours…I suspect that (the) rip-roaring finale must have brought Thunder Bay audience members to their feet. Into the Wonder…has a purely musical unity. Pal helpfully points out that the three movements are bound together by one musical idea, which he has masterfully developed…Into the Wonder ends with an uptempo, tarantella-like last movement that features infectious rhythms and brilliant orchestration. In fact, the orchestration is so clever and effective that one would never guess that it is executed by only 40 players.” – Ludwig-Van, review of album ‘Into the Wonder’

“Even more significant was Carmine Skies, a piece for string octet by…the country’s current it-boy composer, Jordan Pal.” – Musical Toronto

“The concert began with Iris (a TSO commission) by the orchestra’s Juno nominated, RBC Affiliate composer Jordan Pal. The almost thirteen-minute work was tonal and colorful with Pal showing great understanding of musical texture and instrumental timbre. With no melody to speak of, the listener was left with the large orchestra to fill in the melodic gaps. Pal did this expertly.” – Musical Toronto

“RBC (Toronto Symphony Orchestra) Composer in residence Jordan Pal’s Iris was another standout…it is okay for music to just be beautiful, and the audience seemed to agree.” – Musical Toronto

“…the power of all the works on the program, including Jordan Pal’s Iris.” – Globe and Mail

“Last night’s program at Roy Thomson Hall…included a spectacular world premiere by Canadian composer Jordan Pal…Pal has created a compelling work that is worthy of being heard again and again.” – Toronto Concert Reviews on City in Colour, a Toronto Symphony Orchestra Commission

“…this piece (“City in Colour”) communicates the elements of city life that words fail to articulate. This single-movement piece doesn’t simply illustrate—it captures.” – Ontario Arts Reviews

“The concert’s first half continued with the premiere of Jordan Pal’s new Quartet, the third new work by this brilliantly imaginative composer heard in Ottawa during the past twelve months…the reality is that Pal has produced a work of originality and genuine integrity…Overall, Pal’s Quartet is concise, brilliant music.” –

“…disciplined and stylish.” – Ottawa Citizen

“…the only true criticism of a work of art, is another work of art. So, may I recommend the brilliant young composer Jordan Pal’s tone poem (BURN) about fire, not by calling it by name, but by what it does – Burn…Frenetic complexities of syncopated rhythms, jagged knives of splashed harmonic colour, colliding cacophonies of sound and fury with deep, dire, brassy alarms warning of Burn’s agonies…a truly breathtaking musical experience. The last sound was an involuntary, collective gasp from the audience…Pal was with us and received the acclaim he richly deserved.” – Hugh Fraser, former Hamilton Spectator music critic

“Pal’s Triple Concerto (Starling) was, for all its exotic orchestration and ingenious melding of structure and impressionism, a genuinely compelling work…What came across loud and clear (literally and metaphorically) is that Pal is a young composer of genuine range and versatility. He has his own vision and voice, for sure, however has learned at an early age to adapt to a range of work contexts and is doing so with the skill and aplomb of a veteran.” –

“En ouverture, l’orchestre a interprété une œuvre brève mais au caractère vif et intéressant, On The Double de Jordan Pal, un jeune et brillant compositeur de Toronto.” –

“The evening’s indisputable highlights were the Ginastera Harp Concerto and The Afar, a single movement work by composer Jordan Pal” –

“…L’afer de Jordan Pal, qui est une belle affaire musicale…Il y a là de l’imagination sonore et un savoir-faire naturel. Pal est à suivre.” –

“The Afar by NYOC composer-in-residence Jordan Pal…is exciting and colourful, requiring the youthful ensemble to pull out all the stops. It does so admirably, bringing the disc – and the set – to a most satisfying conclusion.” –

“Evocative,” “full of colour and emotion,” “considerably skilled,” “beautifully crafted” and displaying “a strong command of orchestration,” Toronto Symphony Orchestra RBC Affiliate Composer Jordan Pal has emerged as one of the most exciting Canadian composers of his generation. Programmed and commissioned by many of this country’s major orchestras and ensembles, his music has brought audiences to their feet and has been lauded by critics and music professionals across the country.